rabbithole terms & condition

• Rabbithole access can be purchased through skitto app & Rabbithole platform (web/app).

• After purchasing the access packs (BDT 20/99/499), user will get SMS from rabbithole accordingly with masking "Rabbithole".

• Regarding access to "Rabbithole", the terms and conditions of "Rabbithole" shall be applicable.

• Data Pack with Rabbithole access will be available on skitto app only

• Validity of such Data pack will be different from Rabbithole pass validity.

• When a customer buys such data pack, he or she will get 30 days access to the Rabbithole (web/app). However, validity of the data will be as per the pack's modality.

• User will get assigned data volume as per pack modality. This data will not be platform specific.

• If user already have Rabbithole subscription with auto renewal, after purchasing the pack user will only get the data volume with it's validity.

• After purchasing the pack, customer can see his/her expiry date in the Rabbithole app.

• With the purchase of Specific Rabbithole subscription packs, customers will get the access to watch all Rabbithole prime contents.

• This Access will work for both Rabbithole app, web & Rabbithole's own catalogue in skitto app until further notice.

• GP does not take any legal liability and/or availability for the content produced and/or distributed and/or curated in Rabbithole.

• Content curation is dependent on Rabbithole , GP only controls the data connectivity and access.

• All the other terms and conditions of internet packs will also be applicable.

• Customer can watch some ads inside rabbithole contents and GP does not take any legal liability for any ads inside rabbithole contents and these ads is fully controlled and managed by Rabbithole.