Can I go to other operators from skitto through mobile number portability (MNP)?

Yes, you can port out from skitto to any other operator. To port out, you need to go to other operator's customer care center with the following: your skitto number that you want to port out your

Can I come to skitto through mobile number portability (MNP)?

skitto is an end to end digital product of Grameenphone that completely runs on an app. Which is why you can't come to skitto through the port-in process. You need to buy a skitto SIM to use skitto se

How do I check my call details in skitto?

To check all your usage history, simply go to from your desktop and login to your skitto account. Once you log in, you will be able to download a complete report of all your history fro

Does skitto have missed call alert service?

  Yeap, because in the short time you decide to switch your phone off, all your friends, family and that “special” someone will decide to call you at that exact time- Every.Time. Hen

What’s the charge for missed call alert service in skitto?

Nothing at all, amigo. skitto doesn’t want you to miss any calls and hence this service is entirely free.

How can I activate or deactivate missed call alert service in skitto?

This service is activated by default, but if you want to live a hermit’s life and deactivate the service, just visit the "settings" option from your skitto mobile app and follow the steps.

Can I migrate out from skitto?

Wait wwhhaattt?! Are you sure you would want to move out from this awesome service?! Well, if you are sure, simply visit any Grameenphone Center to migrate out. Things to note: to migrate out, you