What is data mixer?

Data mixer allows you to create your own data or internet packs right from the skitto app. Follow the steps below to know how to use data mixer:    

What are your internet/data packs?

There are two kinds of internet users in the world: The Planners- who would like our weekly packs The Relaxers- who would prefer our monthly packs We have data packs for all two kinds because s

How do I buy internet/data packs in skitto?

We have this very handy and neat skitto app which will let you buy internet packages quickly and easily. Once you open your app, swipe the bottom yellow bar to locate the ‘data’ option and

How do I check my internet pack balance and validity in skitto?

To check your internet pack balance and validity, follow the steps below:

Will I get charged when I use the skitto app?

The skitto zone is your zone, mate. NO data charges will be applicable no matter how long you browse the skitto app from your skitto connection. However, certain actions (like logging in with Facebook