What is skitto?

skitto is a digital product that’s especially designed for a data hungry, digitally savvy generation like you! At skitto, we believe everything should be simple and that's why, we want to change

Who is this skitto bot?

skitto bot is the heart of this product. Actually, he’s the heart and also the soul of this product because without him there’d be nothing! skitto believes in a simple world; a world where

What’s your low call rate?

  Yep, take the pressure off your wallet because when we say low, we really mean super low. Our call rate is 50p/min to any local numbers. After you add VAT (15%), SD (10%) and Surcharge (1%) t

What do you mean by no conditions?

skitto hates fine prints (can you even read them with naked eyes?!) and hates asterisk even more so we have completely removed them from our offers. Ours is সোজা হিসাব-get what you buy, use (or abuse

How are you ensuring good 3G connection & network?

Skeptic, aren’t you? We are using the strongest and widest 3G network with more than 10,000 BTS towers spread across the country. This gigantic structure will ensure you get the best digital exp

What do you mean by fully digital?

Since your love for the digital world is as strong as Majnu’s love for Laili (or even stronger), we have brought the entire skitto experience in just one nifty app. This one app will rule it al

What are skitto call and SMS tariffs?

Here’s a detailed snapshot of all skitto rates: By the way, please note that short codes of other institutions will be charged according to the modality of the institution

Are there SMS packs for skitto?

Yeap, we sure do have them. Check the table below for the tariffs: Please note: All prices include 10% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15 % VAT & 1% surcharge. There’s no auto-renewal featur

What offers do I get with a new skitto SIM?

Just as there are no good kacchis without alu, there are no skitto SIMs without freebies. Your new skitto SIM comes with: - 3GB free data with 7 days validity upon signing up to the app and savi

How do I get a skitto SIM?

You can become the proud owner of a skitto SIM by simply visiting any skitto pick up points. Please note, you will need to bring your NID information when buying the SIM. By the way, the pri