Can I share my mobile or internet balance with my friends?

skitto is an avid believer in the phrase “sharing is caring”. Of course you can transfer money or data (internet) to your friends’ skitto accounts to help out a friend in need.

How do I transfer mobile balance in skitto?

Visit your skitto app and go to the main menu from the top left corner. Scroll to locate the option called “balance share”. Then follow the steps below to transfer money to your friends&rs

How do I transfer data in skitto?

Visit your skitto app and click the main menu on the top left corner. In the main menu, you will get an option called ‘data share’. Click that and then follow the steps to easily share dat

What’s the data/balance transfer limit for me?

You can transfer any amount between Tk. 1 and 1MB to Tk. 100 and 100MB respectively at one time. To save you from that needy friend of yours we have set a maximum transfer limit of Tk. 1000 for 3