How can I change my skitto app password?

To change your skitto app password, follow the below steps:     

I forgot my app password. What should I do now?

Panic! Just kidding, don't worry there's an easy solution for that. Simply follow the steps below:  

How do I register to skitto app?

Simply follow the steps below to register to skitto app:      

How do I activate my skitto SIM?

Firstly, you deserve a high-five! You are now part of our amazing skitto family. Let’s quickly get you started: Step 1: Check whether your skitto internet is working. Yes? Awesome, move on to s

How to set internet manually?

If your device didn’t automatically alter internet settings after skitto SIM activation, simply follow the steps below: Profile – skittonet APN – skittonet For iPhones, internet s

Will I get charged when I use the skitto app?

The skitto zone is your zone, mate. NO data charges will be applicable no matter how long you browse the skitto app from your skitto connection. However, our app uses certain third party app integrati

How do I check my skitto balance?

You will find all the information in the skitto mobile app or dial *121# (free)