Is my call waiting option on or off?

Call waiting feature is activated by default for all skitto numbers so that you know exactly when someone important (read: your crush) is calling ;).

My call waiting option isn’t on by default. Why?

If call waiting is deactivated from your device, you won’t be able to avail the service. Please turn the call waiting option on from your device to avail this offer.

What’s the charge for call waiting service?

Other than the emotional cost of keeping your friends or family on hold, there are no other costs for this service. It’s totally free!

How can I activate call forwarding?

On the days you want someone else to handle your problems and just chill, follow the steps below to activate call forwarding:

What’s the charge for forwarding calls?

Activating the service is absolutely free, however if call forwarding is activated from your number and someone calls you, you will incur a cost if that call is answered from the forwarded number. Sta

How am I charged during conference calls?

During conference calls, you will be charged only for the participants whom you add to the call. So in a particular con-call if you add 2 people and one of your other friend adds someone else, you wil

How many participants can I add into a conference call?

In one conference call you can add up to 5 of your buddies. So there can be a maximum of 6 participants (including you) in a call conference.