What is skitto?

skitto is a digital product that’s especially designed for a data hungry, digitally savvy generation like you! At skitto, we believe everything should be simple and that's why, we want to change the way one interacts with a telco.

With a new skitto SIM and a super simple and fun app, you can control all skitto features with just a touch. Whether you make a call, buy data packs or SMS, you don't have to get lost in the jungle of USSD codes and endless "darun_offers"!

skitto means:

skitto brand promise

  • Always low costs- so that you can have that extra-large fries with your burger
  • No conditions- because life’s too short to be living among conditions
  • Amazing network- so you’re always connected at the highest speed
  • Fully digital- to make life super simple


Purchase a skitto SIM and redefine your entire telco experience! Want to know more? Visit the links below:

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