What is pay as you go?

Remember all the times a huge chunk of money was taken away from your main balance and you couldn’t figure out why? Well that was because your data pack was fully consumed, and you were being charged from your main balance. A bit frustrating, isn’t it? Well, that’s pay as you go.

Which basically means you are using money from your main balance to surf the internet. It’s a tad bit more expensive (0.93 taka/MB including VAT, SD and surcharge) than regular data packs but really comes in handy for emergency situations if you can control or limit your usage.

And that full control is EXACTLY what skitto is offering for you. Here at skitto you can turn your pay as you go internet on or off as you need and can even set a monthly usage limit so that you don’t end up without a dime just because you couldn’t resist yourself from watching that one click-bait video