skitto forum guidelines

skitto forum is the place where you can talk about skitto with your fellow skitto buds! You can express your feelings, your advice, even your complaints and fellow users will try to solve all of it. And you can help solve their problems too!
But here’s the thing, there are some rules and regulations of skitto forum. You need to follow these rules and together, we will make this place awesome! Ready? Let’s do it!

1.1. I believe in giving you a voice. And I really don’t want to take away your credit. So, opinions expressed on skitto forum are those of the respective contributing users only. Such views do not represent those of skitto, its management or employees. skitto is not responsible for and disclaims all liability for Content and comments contributed by users.

1.2. There are a couple of ground rules regarding the content you should not be posting in skitto forum:
a) absolute no no on contents that are racist, sexist, homophobic, pornographic, obscene, profane, vulgar;
b) defamatory of any person, entity or organisation;
c) abusive, threatening or otherwise likely to be harmful to those persons likely to use the skitto site;
d) in contravention of any relevant local, national or international law or which incites or encourages the contravention of any such law;
e) otherwise offensive in the opinion of skitto;
f) infringing of the Rights (including the Intellectual Property Rights) of any legal or natural person; or
g) related to the conduct of a business other than skitto

1.3. Don’t use skitto forum to advocate or advertise any illegal activities. Any posts or comments seen as promoting or advocating illegal activities will be removed.

1.4. Do not post, or request others to post personal details, phone number, email address, private message contents or any sorts of passwords.

1.5. You understand that by posting to skitto forum, your post/comment can be traced to your specific user account containing your email address, user name, date and time of sign up and IP address at date and time of posting.

1.6. By posting comments on skitto forum, you agree to allow the content to be re-used or quoted by skitto without notification.

1.7. Users sometimes include references to other websites beyond the control of skitto. As such skitto cannot be held responsible for the content of such websites. We will delete advertising posts as skitto forum is not a means for advertisers to promote their websites or products. skitto moderators will decide what is acceptable or not on a case by case basis.

1.8. If your Post or any element of it is accepted or implemented by skitto, you hereby agree to grant to skitto an irrevocable, non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty free, licence to use, copy, install, maintain, modify, enhance and adapt your Intellectual Property Rights in the Post (this licence shall survive the termination of these Terms and Conditions). skitto may also assign its licence to use your Intellectual Property Rights in the Post (or any part thereof) to any third party to which it may outsource the operation of a part of skitto's operations or business provided such third party's use, copying, installation, maintenance, modification, enhancement and adaptation is solely for the purpose of providing a service to skitto.

1.9. skitto shall be the exclusive owner of any Intellectual Property Rights which accrue with respect to any modifications, enhancements and/or adaptations which it makes to the Posts.

1.10. Do not impersonate other community members or skitto team members.

1.11. If any post causes any sort of dispute, moderators will have the final say. Failure to abide by the community guidelines might result in permanent ban or even deletion of account.

1.12. Suspensions
● We can suspend (“ban”) a member from the community if:
○ They are clearly acting in a way contrary to the Community Guidelines and/or breaking the rules
○ If conversations about behavior that goes against the Community Guidelines have not yielded a positive change in that behavior
● Suspensions can be either time-based or permanent:
○ Time-based: these suspensions are intended to correct behavior and give members some time away from the community to reflect. The time is dependent on the situation and the ensuing conversation with the member.
○ Permanent: the member is suspended with the expectation that they will not be granted access again. Permanent suspensions are imposed for very serious breaking of the rules or for repeated offences where temporary suspensions have not prompted a change in behavior.
● Suspension from the forums will not affect the use of skitto mobile services.

Forum Inbox:

Inbox is a feature exclusively available to registered skitto forum members. Using this forum members can send each other private messages. We do not encourage releasing personal information in private messages as the messages are not end-to-end encrypted. We will never release your inbox data to any internal or external parties.