Will VoLTE calls consume data?

Worried about bill shock, are we? You know skitto won’t let that happen! VoLTE calls won’t consume data, it will be charged as per your regular voice calls.

Does all 4G handsets support VoLTE?

No, it’s our network that has enabled VoLTE service, but you will need to have a VoLTE enabled phone so your phone manufacturer has to release the necessary patches. For more details on this, p

How do I know the handset is VoLTE enabled during purchase?

The best way to understand is probably by asking your retailer. You can also do a little research over the internet. Also, to know which handsets have VoLTE, you can check

How do I know that I am on VoLTE Network?

As VoLTE is an enhanced 4G feature, you must be in a location with 4G network quality. You must ensure you and the person you are calling have the following:- 4G SIM (skitto SIM are already 4G SIMs)-

Does VoLTE reduce call connection time?

Yes, VoLTE will significantly reduce your call connection time. You must ensure you and the person you are calling have the following:- 4G SIM (skitto SIMs are already 4G enabled)- VoLTE enabled hands

Will I get VoLTE network if I use my SIM in slot 2 in a dual SIM handset?

Well, VoLTE needs 4G network to run, so if slot 2 supports 4G and your SIM is 4G then you will be able to get VoLTE service.

Can I browse internet while on a voice call using VoLTE?

Yes! This is one of the key features of VoLTE – you can talk and browse internet simultaneously without hampering either one of the functions!

Why is my phone showing 3G/2G when I am within VoLTE coverage?

This entirely depends on the network of that particular location.

Will video call be available for calling other operators in VoLTE network?

Yes, you will be able to use VoLTE for both voice and video calls with other skitto or Grameenphone numbers.

If I put a VoLTE/LTE SIM on my 3G handset, will it work?

No, you have to have a 4G handset WITH VoLTE option. Ensure you and the other person on the call has the following to experience VoLTE: - 4G SIM (skitto is already 4G, just ensure the other caller al