How do I know my account’s balance and validity?

Head off to your super cool skitto app. From the bottom yellow panel, swipe to locate the ‘balance’ option. There, skitto will give you a neat summary (neater than the first girl/boy&rsquo

For how long is my reload valid?

Depending on how much you reload, the validity will vary. Take a look at the table below: Because skitto adores you all, even if your validity expires, you will be able to receive calls for the nex

What is the minimum amount I can reload?

The lowest amount you can reload is Tk. 20.

What is the maximum amount I can reload?

On the days you feel like spoiling yourself, you can reload as high as Tk. 1000 at one go. By the way, please note that your maximum account balance can be Tk. 5000. So if your balance is already Tk.

My reload has failed, why?

Ooppss! Reload failure can happen if you were: Trying to reload any amount under Tk. 10 Trying to reload any amount over Tk. 1000 Trying to reload when your account balance is already Tk. 5000 T

I did not receive any SMS or notification after reloading. Why is that?

Don’t worry; it’s probably just a small system glitch. Contact our customer care agents through your app and we will look into it ASAP. By the way, rest assured that your money will never

I received an SMS that my reload is successful, but my balance has not been updated. Why is that?

Sometimes it takes skitto a little time to update (like those early wintry mornings when your brain refuses to wake up). Try refreshing or re-starting the app. If your problem still persists, let our